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Inheritance Tax reform

It is often a concern for people when drafting their Will as to how much tax will be payable on their estate once their assets pass on. Currently, there is a nil-rate band up to a value of £325,000 before any tax is payable on a deceased’s estate, but this is all set to change. […]

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Where there’s a Will there’s a way!

Marriage is no longer the traditional necessity it once was. Nowadays most couples live together before they are married, and for some people marriage never crosses their mind. But if the worst were to happen and your partner was to pass away, what would you be entitled to? The harsh reality is that without a […]

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Inheriting an ISA

Often when a loved one dies, it can be very daunting dealing with their assets and considering the tax implications of inheriting their estate. As of 6th April 2015, anyone who lost their spouse or civil partner after 3rd December 2014 can claim their partner’s ISA savings tax free. Currently individuals may put £15,240 into […]

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Tenancy Agreement

Landlord’s Duties to Check their Tenants’ Eligibility to Rent in the UK

Landlord’s Duties to Check their Tenants Eligibility to Rent in the UK From 1st February 2016, every landlord letting private accommodation must complete a right to rent check on their new tenants. The government has issued new guidance for landlords in relation to their responsibility to check a tenant’s immigration status for all new tenants […]

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Where there’s a Will…

Why make a Will? A Will is the best way to be sure of what will happen to your property and possessions after your death. Without a Will you cannot guarantee that everything will pass to your husband or wife. If you are unmarried, or have not registered a civil partnership, your partner will have […]

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Act in haste, repent at leisure…

A recent report has suggested that 1 in 10 homeowners regret buying their home.  The top reason they gave was that they rushed into it. Buying a house is a huge investment, and often the biggest purchase of our lives, so rushing into it is the last thing we should be doing. Here are some […]

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The Selling Process – simplified!

You’ve found a buyer, agreed a price and asked us to act for you in the conveyancing, so what happens next?  As I said in the ‘buyer’s guide’, every situation is different, but here are some general guidelines: We will send you an introductory letter and some enquiry forms to complete. We will need to […]

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The Buying Process – simplified!

You have found the house (or flat) of your dreams, had your offer accepted and asked us to act for you.  So what happens next?  Well, every property and every situation is different, but here are some general guidelines: We will send you an introductory letter and some enquiry forms to complete. We will need to […]

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Contract MacNamara King

Contract Law. Be honest with yourself, do you need help to draw up that contract?

Contracts come in many shapes and sizes.   From buying groceries (yes, you have entered a contract when you buy a loaf of bread) up to purchasing a nuclear submarine, contract law is involved.  The issue is: do you need to get a solicitor involved in each specific case? The obvious answer is that some contracts […]

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The small claims court – the final hearing

I don’t want to be too prescriptive in my advice about the final hearing in a small claims court case as the judge can run the hearing as they want.  Also, I won’t go into much detail about preparation – that’s up to you.  All I would say is be prepared – being organised is […]

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