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Employment Tribunal fees ruled unlawful

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Government were acting unlawfully when they introduced the employment tribunal fees for those bringing claims against their employers. It is estimated that the Government will now have to repay around £32 million to Claimants who were subjected to the unconstitutional fees. Since the introduction of the fees in […]

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Electronic Wills could be the future

It is estimated that approximately 40% of UK individuals die intestate, without having made provision for their estate in a Will. The Law Commission has voiced its desire for England and Wales to be the first jurisdiction to recognise electronic Wills as valid legal documents. The proposals seek to allow documents that do not display […]

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BREXIT – The Legal Perspective

On 23rd June 2016, UK residents will have the power to determine whether we as a nation stay a member of the EU. The live debates between the politicians have been aired this week and we have all now received our leaflets through the door telling us why the government believe we should remain, but […]

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Microchipping is a must!

Britain is a nation of dog lovers with over 27 million pets living in the UK alone. From 6th April 2016, all pet owners in the UK will have a legal obligation to ensure that their furry friends are microchipped. Following in the footsteps of Ireland and Wales who have already put measures in place, English […]

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data protection

Reform of Data Protection Legislation

In 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, replacing the Data Protection Act 1998 in UK law.  The legislation will apply to all entities offering goods or services and those monitoring the behaviours of EU citizens. 6 Principles of the GDPR The principles of protection are contained within Article 5 […]

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shutterstock_326400731 - ISA

Inheriting an ISA

Often when a loved one dies, it can be very daunting dealing with their assets and considering the tax implications of inheriting their estate. As of 6th April 2015, anyone who lost their spouse or civil partner after 3rd December 2014 can claim their partner’s ISA savings tax free. Currently individuals may put £15,240 into […]

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email security 2

Email security

Hacked email accounts have been around for a long time, and we’ve all, unfortunately, become used to receiving links for dubious websites or offers of miracle tablets from our friends. A more worrying trend at the moment is for accounts to be hacked and emails between lawyers and clients to be read.  This is not usually […]

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paper Family

Recent changes to the law relating to children

There have been major changes to the laws relating to children under the Children and Families Act 2014 which came into force in  April 2014.  There is now a single family Court and a review has been carried out as to how children proceedings are dealt with.  The changes relate to public law (care) as […]

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Keep off my property!

As an old proverb implies, your home is your castle. It is your security and your shelter, and probably, the biggest investment you will ever make. Your clear and absolute ownership of your property is vital and is currently protected by Her Majesty’s Land Registry. Land registration establishes absolute proof of ownership. This streamlines the […]

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Macnamara King cameras in court

Cameras in Court – should the English courts learn from Pistorius’ trials?

Oscar Pistorius’ week long bail application ordeal last week quite rightly received a lot of media coverage.  It also puts into question whether plans to allow cameras in court are a good idea at all. In England and Wales the debate over whether cameras should be allowed in court has run for many years and, […]

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